"Do you think [the person she can rely on] is Red?"
I do. - Megan Boone on Red and Lizzie’s relationship

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You might wonder at exactly what point did I become this… thing.

Ah man. See and this really hurt to watch. Red is so worried about his wife, he seemed desperate. He NEEDED to get her back. But Liz, Liz is only worried about HIM. And she understand that she was his wife, and of course he would be distraught. But she wants him to do this carefully, she’s worried about HIM. Because he is obviously too worried about his wife to care about hi own well-being. And she was upset by this I think. Upset that he was being so reckless and endangering himself. “I hope she was worth it” like Berlin could have shot him down if he felt like breaking their deal, it was luck that he didn’t! And Red was so cold towards her, I get that he was frantic about his wife’s safety but that was harsh what he said to her. That she didn’t understand. That she wouldn’t understand. She was just doing her “job” and maybe it was a punch to the face for her. Because she has been keeping her distance, and he has too. Rightfully so I believe, because Liz went through some crazy stuff in the season finale a few months ago. And Red has been on his own crusade. He pointed out to her that the relationship between him and her was strictly her “job”, but it isn’t just that and they know it. UgHHh.

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